Optimize Your Esports
Media Campaigns

We build a data marketing platform helping advertisers to optimize their esports media campaigns

The solution


is the beautiful intersection of three super exciting industries : sport, entertainment & gaming. It's time for brands to embrace this world for what it means : Passion

Our solution


Reach 100%
Of The Esport Audience

Reach 100%
Of The Esport Audience

We are the first to collect specific audience data from the unique esport ecosystem.


Through One
Unique Counter

Through One
Unique Counter

No more hundreds of players. Your esports media campaigns deserve a unique counter.


In a Brand Safety

In a Brand Safety

We only push ads on our premium inventory so brand exposure is no longer a surprise anymore.

Our Technology

1. Audience data platform

We collect, unify and model 1st and 3rd party data so you can create very specific segments via multi-criteria queries.

2. Scenario automation

Customize your ads in real time according to your segmentations and sequence them to scenarize your campaigns.

3. Programmatic activation

Run your RTB campaigns threw our proprietary DSP and with our predictive models & algorithms specific to esports.

4. Premium inventory

Deliver creative visuals in all formats, on all platforms and with our dedicated to esports ad exchanges network.

5. Real time dashboard

Measure the performance of your media campaign in real time and monitor all levels of engagement.

6. Support and reporting

We guide you on each media campaign with dedicated teams to provide the best results.


Jonathan Szwarc

Co-founder & CEO

1 Member

Nicolas Goudemant

Co-founder & CTO

2 Member

Dimitri Combe

Software engineer

4 Member

Loïc Renaud

Full stack engineer

3 Member
Our Goal

Unleash the full potential of esport

Esport is getting some recognition since a few and we strongly believe that it's only the beginning.

Contrary to traditional sports esport is digital by itself. New technologies will revolutionize it and we want to take part in this beautiful adventure.

Who are we?

Jonathan is thrilled by understanding people and is a human centric marketing adept. He launched his first company at 23 year old after an experience at Nike France.
Gamer since his very young age, Nicolas is a real tech lover. He reached one of the highest level in League of Legends. They have met each other during our studies at ESCP Europe.

The team recently grown up with the venue of amazing developers and gamers who deeply share our vision about esport : Loïc and Dimitri.


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